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Spanish Launches


Throughout November, Manuel Arana and Tina Pisco toured Spain, performing a bilingual presentation of Adolescence 2: hormonised poems accompanied to music. They launched the translation at a number of different events, including  Verdes Escritores y Escritoras (see pictures below). Pictures of the other Spanish events will be on the Bradshaw Books website in the coming days.

Verdes Escritores y Escritoras

Tina reads from Adolescence 2

Manuel and Tina perform together to music

La Casa Del Libro, Malaga

Malaga audiences are treated to a bilingual reading of Adolescence to at the La Casa Del Libro Festival

Guests Arrive at Event

Manuel Arana Reads Adolescence 2 at the Event

Manuel Reading at Event

La Teteria Asociación Cultura, La Linea

Manuel Reading at the Event

Adolescence 2 on display/sale at the event

All of the events above would not have been possible without the support of the EACEA Culture Program, The Arts Council of Ireland and Cork City Council. Though the Spanish dates of Manuel and Tina’s  performances are now finished, throughout January, events will be taking place throughout Ireland, notably in Dublin, Galway, Roscommon and Belfast. Check out our tour brochure for more information. Also, check out Manuel Arana’s blog and webpage for events that he will be performing at in 2012.