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Back Catalogue

The Riddle of Waterfalls, Madeline Nerson Mac Namara (2015)

After Hell, Domenico Iannaco(2015)

Birdsong, William M.Roth (2015)

Quarryman, UCC MA Creative Writing (2015)

How To Lose Your Home and Save Your life, Angela T. Carr (2014)

Eurochild Anthology, edited by Eoin Hurley (2014)

Dead Heat, Ed Cashman (2014)

Cork Literary Review Vol XV, edited by Eugene O´Connell (2013)

Puffs and Gusts, Chuck Kruger (2013)

Timblerig, Annette Skade (3013)

Whiff of Whales, Chuck Kruger (2012)

Stealing Shakespear´s Pencil, edited by Eoin Hurley and Kathy D´Arcy (2012)

Telling Time, Ann Egan (2012)

Say it Like a Paragraph, Mary Melvin Geoghegan (2012)

The Wild Pupil, Kathy D´Arcy (2012)

Some Sort of Beauty, Jamie O´Connell (2012)

White Space, Cliona O´Connell (2012)

Berth: Voices of the Titanic, Natalie Scott (2012)

Eurochild Anthology, edited by Eoin Hurley and Kathy D´Arcy (2012)

Adolescence NO.2.: Hormonised Poems, Manuel Arana (2011)

Cork Literary Review Volume XIV, edited by Eugene O’Connell (2011)

Eurochild Anthology, edited by Aoileann Lyons (2011)

Woman with Altitude, Bonnie Quinn Cotter (2011)

Island Alchemy, Chuck Kruger (2010)

Cork Literary Review (Volume XIII), Edited by Eugene O´Connell (2010)

The Green Crown, Roderick Ford (2010)

She Be, Tina Pisco (2010)

Who´s Counting?, Shirley McClure (2010)

Eurochild, edited by Aoileann Lyons (2010)

Swimming to Albania, Matthew Geden (2009)

Eurochild, edited by Anna Barden/Cristina Álvarez González (2009)

Lines in the Sand, Anne-Marie Glasheen (2008)

Learning to Swim, Mary Rose Callan (2008)

Sourcing, Chuck Kruger (2007)

Cork Literary Review Volume XII, edited by Eugene O´Connell, Sheila O´Hagan, John W. Sexton (2007)

Eurochild (2007)

Eurochild, edited by Declan Barron (2006)

Coyote Leaping, Gail Ritchie (2005)

Cork Literary Review Volume XI, edited by Fred Jhonston (2005)

Attic Warpipes, Tommy Frank O´Connor (2005)

Footfalls of Snow, Mary Rose Callan (2005)

Blue Weather, Helen Kidd (2005)

Eurochild, edited by Declan Barron (2005)

Dangerous Dresses, Jean O’Brien (2005)

A Sea Family, Jhon Wakeman (2005)

The Shoreline of Falling, Roderick Ford (2005)

Toil the Dark Harvest, Geraldine Mills (2004)

Between a Rock, Chuck Kruger (2004)

Eurochild, edited by Declan Barron (2004)

Off Guard, Tony O´Dwyer (2003)

Landing the Sea, Ann Egan (2003)

Eurochild, edited by Declan Barron (2003)

Intercourse with Cacti, Ian Wild (2003)

One Clear Call, Eugene O´Connell (2003)

Bird´s Nests & Other Poems, Michael McCarthy (2003)

Mindful Men, edited by Daphne Dwyer (2002)

Eurochild, edited by Declan Barron (2002)

Cork Literary Review Volume IX, edited by Sheila O’Hagan (2002)

Odysseus in the Bathroom, Anne Dean (2002)

Some Other Country, John O’Donnell (2002)

Cork Literary Review Volume VII, edited by Eugene O´Connell (2001)

Barking at Blackbirds, Mary O´Gorman (2001)

Eurochild, edited by Aisling Lyons (2001)

If this is Armageddon – It´s Very Pretty, Liz Willows (2001)

Cork Literary Review. Volume VIII, edited by Sheila O’Hagan (2001)

The Mermaid´s Head, Mary Rose Callan (2001)

Unearthing Your Own, Geraldine Mills (2001)

Nine Muses on a Night Out, Hailey Fox Roberts (2001)

Women in Publishing. A Research Report, edited by Dr. Mary E. Mulcahy (2001)

Cork Literary Review Volume VI, edited by Eugene O´Connell (2000)

Flotsam & Jetsam, Chuck Kruger (2000)

Come Sun, Come Snow, Dympna Dreyer (2000)

Beowulf an Adaptation, Felix Nobis (2000)

Millennium Poets, A Long Scattering, Noel Keaveney

Recycle at Room Temp, edited by Leo Ryan (1999)

In Touch with the Mystery, edited by Daphne Dwyer (1999)

Eurochild, edited by Catherine F. Creedon (1999)

Wise Women II, Where the Spirit Passes, edited by Daphne Dwyer (1998)

Eurochild, edited by Catherine F. Creedon / Julie Forrester (1998)

L’Imaginaire Irlandais,  Máire Bradshaw (1998)

Cork Literary Review Volume V, edited by Eugene O´Connell (1998)

Not the Last Word, edited by Leo Ryan (1998)

Touching the Moon, Giovanni Malito (1997)

Eurochild, edited by Miriam Naji (1997)

Cork Literary Review Volume IV, edited by Gerald Fitzpatrick (1997)

On The Road Again, International Women´s Day, Cork´s Women Poetry Circle (1997)

Into The Future, Women of the Regions for the Regions, edited by Colette Healy (1996)

D-scribe, edited by Tanya Grimson (1996)

Cork Literary Review Volume III, edited by Catherine-Ann O´Connell (1996)

Another Room, New Poetry, edited by Maxine Jones (1996)

The Trek from Venus, Orla Martin (1996)

Cityfication, edited by Tanya Grimson and Maxine Jones (1996)

Leaning like Oisín, Ciarán Ruby (1996)

Eurochild (1996)

A Rolling Stone., The Life and Times of Travelling Women, Traveller Visibility Women Group. (1996)

Cork Literary Review Volume II, edited by Hilary Coughlan (1995)

Women and Leadership, Redefining Power, Co-ordinating editor, Máire Bradshaw (1995)

Eurochild. A Child´s Famine, Edited by Lynn Coughlan (1995)

International’s Women Year: Diary & Directory, edited by Victoria Chan (1995)

Rainbow Child, Cork´s Women Poetry Circle (1995)

Community Employment, A Positive Image, edited by Aoife Tierney (1995)

Naked, edited by Colm O’Riordan (1994)

Kreative Kids Volumes I-X, edited by Lynn Coughlan (1994)

Cork Literary Review Volume I, edited by Hillary Coughlan (1994)

Wise Women, A Portrait, edited by Máire Bradshaw (1994)

Imagine, Anthology of Prose and Poetry, East Cork Writers, edited by Noreen Green (1992)

High Time for all the Marys, Máire Bradshaw (1992)

Eurydice, Máire Bradshaw (1992)

Herstory: 15 Women Presidents 1961 – 1991, Cork Federation of Women Organizations (1991)

Impression Framed, edited by Máire Bradshaw (1988)

Instinct, Máire Bradshaw (1988)

Box Under The Bed, edited by Christine Michael (1985)