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EACEA Translation 2011

As part of its ongoing commitment to encouraging new voices and excellence in poetic creation, in 2011 Tigh Filí has translated the poetry collection of one of Spain’s most exciting new poets, Manuel Arana (Huelva 1981), with the support of the EU EACEA Culture Programme. This translation project will help to make Tigh Filí a focus of culturally and linguistically inclusive imaginative activity and exchange at the heart of one of Europe’s most vibrant regional capitals.

The aim of Bradshaw’s first translation is to present English-language creators with enriching new experiences and challenges, by providing access to creative work and a code of representation created out of different cultures and linguistic communities, and facilitating dialogue with the authors of that alternative.

Poet, Manuel Arana, reading his poetry Translator of Manuel’s collection, Tina Pisco

About Manuel Arana

Manuel Arana (1981) is a Huelva-born poet, musician and performer, and co-founder and director of the literary magazine and movement Chichimeca (2001). His poetry has appeared in a number of anthologies, including Antropología Desnuda. Poesía joven (Madera Húmeda, 2002), Poesía por venir. Antología de jóvenes poetas andaluces (Renacimiento, 2004), Las noches del Cangrejo: antología de poetas en Platea (Cangrejo Pistolero Ediciones, 2008) and RCA’08. Recital de Poesía Chilango Andaluz (Editorial Cocó, 2009); and in the chapbook collections Con la mejor intención (Diputación de Huelva, 2002) and Jam Sessions (Diputación de Huelva, 2006). Adolescencia dos: poemas hormonados (SIM Libros, 2008) is his first full collection.
Adolescencia dos: poemas hormonados (2008) is a collection of alternative love poems by the young Andalusian poet, Manuel Arana. Experimental, communicative, urbanely ironic and unreservedly self-deprecating, Adolescencia reflects colourfully the shift in mentality that is finally taking place in Spanish society. Just as Spain has come to terms with the divisive, barren enmities of its past and simultaneously learnt to celebrate rather than suppress its uniquely diverse linguistic and cultural heritage; so in Arana’s work, there is no rigid concept of author-ownership or jealous exclusivity of genre. He accepts help and inspiration from a range of contemporary and historical sources, while his ‘poemas hormonados’ invite the reader into playful conversation on the subject of love and all its subsets: friendship, doubt, metaphysics, tolerance, romance, excess, torment, truth, insomnia and waking revelation.

Praise for Adolescencia dos: poemas hormonados

‘a poet who says what he means and knows how he’s saying it’

Eduardo Chivite

‘Manuel Arana has a way with words, the timely spark, the unexpected twist, the memorable conclusion’

Juan Antonio González Romano

‘a happy discovery’

Marisol Oviaño

‘an essential book’

Héctor Castilla

Sound Poetry (polypoetry, perfopoesía)

Sound poetry, also known as ‘polypoetry’, is a performance art live show, which combines many elements such as the written word, human voice, musical instruments, electronic sounds, movement, mime and projected images. A major proponent of this art form is Enzo Minarelli, a performer and scholar from Bologna (Italy), who developed a Manifesto of Polypoetry in the 1990s in which he set out his theories on the performance of sound poetry, examining the rhythms of language, the exploitation of sounds and the use of electronic media in poetry art.

Manuel Arana is a founding member and co-director of the Andalusian sound poetry group, Chichimeca. Incorporating props, music, video and performance recital, their ‘perfopoesía’ approach attempts to draw out more of the meaning from the poem itself, with the added aim of bringing poetry closer to its audience through the use of a more varied range of languages and media.


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