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Eurochild Project

Eurochild Project has a Special Theme this year : A Child’s Revolution. 1916 – 2016.

To enter the competition please download entry form and send us your work! Closing date is 15th November 2015!

We wish good luck to all participants !


It is with a sad and heavy heart I draw Eurochild to close having reached 21 years. Eurochild has made the way through ‘A Child’s Famine’ (the first publication,1996) to Eurochild 2014. Year after year she worked her way from Ireland through Europe winding up in Serbia. She tried hard to survive but became a victim of hard times.
I would like to thank all young artist and poets that made her such a success. Children’s Poetry and Art must survive. Their thoughts should always be cherished.
A special thanks to Ecole, Nantes, all our European Schools, Teachers and the Festival of Light in Serbia. Moments of time never to be forgotten.
Words like stars shining on a page in Eurochild forever and a day.
Maire Bradshaw

eurochild 2014 Eurochild Image Resized Eurochild cover